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Screen printing is a cost effective form of printing and with advances in techniques, inks, and equipment images can be quickly and affordably be placed on just about any surface.

As an industry leading company, our custom screen printing services use only the latest up to date imaging technology to insure replication of your design at the highest quality -- giving us the ability to reproduce near photographic effects. We provide a wide variety of rigid and flexible materials for use both indoor and outdoor.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a method in which a drawing is printed on a surface by ink through a stencilled-screen that is stretched over a frame. The screens are treated with a light-sensitive emulsion, then film positives are put in contact with the screens and exposed to light. Afterwards, the light hardens the emulsion that is not protected by the film, leaving a soft area on the screen. The ink is pushed through the soft area by a squeegee.

We can print on a variety of mediums including metal, plastic, corflute or just about any other material. We can cater for small quantities right up to extremely large quantities of signs. No job is to small or to big for our production facilities.

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The advantages of screen printing

One of the advantages of screen printing is that almost any material, rigid or flexible, that can be laid out flat, can be printed - including large or irregular shaped objects.

When used on stickers or signs, screen inks are applied in a thicker layer and are more durable than any other ink system. Screen inks last for years, and are suited to outdoor use, and a wide variety of ink systems have been developed for almost any type of textile, plastic or surface coating.

The screen printing process is suited to applications requiring durable prints and vivid colours. Other printing processes cannot provide the substrates or ink systems for long life.

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When to screen print?

Screen Printing is best used when you need a run of repetitive signs, stickers, corflutes etc.It is ideal for, promotions, stickers, and point of sale material.

Screen Printed signs are available:

Norsign (NT) Pty Ltd, Screen Printing Company - Screen Printing Services Darwin NT, Northern Territory Australia

In large or small quantities

In a huge variety of materials
For any shape and size printing
With four colour process for high quality photo-like finish
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Need lots of signs to communicate your message in multiple locations?

Screen Printing allows you access to signs:


With high definition

Full colour halftone or spot colour
Durable for both internal and outside use

To discuss your printing requirements and the best way to produce a job, please contact us.

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What is screen printing?
Advantages of screen printing
When to screen print?






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